Terms, conditions and privacy

Information Note on Personal Data processing and general terms and conditions for the use of the services offered by the aurorabook site to its clients.

The service offered by aurorabook.com is supplied by Unicolor S.p.A, via Fiumicino 3, 33082 Azzano Decimo (PN), Italy (hereinafter also Unicolor), according to the following GENERAL CONDITIONS. Unicolor reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice the GENERAL CONDITIONS. The User shall be able to verify in any moment the text of the GENERAL CONDITIONS currently in force, as from time to time updated by Unicolor in this web page.

Currently, aurorabook.com provides the Users with the access to shopping services (hereinafter also the "Service"). Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the introduction of any amendment of the Service that that may entail a different fruition thereof, respect to its current form, as well as the launch of new services, shall be subject, and therefore governed, by the GENERAL CONDITIONS. The User acknowledges and agrees and the Service is supplied as it is available from time to time and that, therefore, Unicolor, shall not take any responsibility regarding the fruition and availability thereof.
In order to be able to use the Service, an access to World Wide Web and the payment of all the fees connected thereto are required. Moreover, it is required that the Users obtain the equipment needed for the connection to the World Wide Web, among which a computer, a modem and whatever may be required for the connection.

In order to use the Service, the User undertakes to:
a) supply the personal information (hereinafter, also the “Registration Data”) requested during the registration procedure ensuring that they are updated, complete and true;
b) timely and constantly update the Registration Data, so that they shall be always up-to-date, complete and true. In the case which the User provides untrue, inaccurate, not current, or not complete information, or if Unicolor deems, basing on its own directional evaluation, that the information provided by the User are false, inaccurate, not current or not complete, Unicolor shall be in any case entitled to deactivate, temporarily or permanently, the account of the concerned User and to prevent any further use of the Service.

The Registration Data, as well as any other information subject to be referred, directly or indirectly, to a specific User, are collected and employed complying with Legislative Decree 196/2003.
Pursuant to article 13 Legislative Decree January 30th 2003 no 196, Unicolor informs that the Registration Data are supplied directly by the concerned person (User) and are collected and used by Unicolor, also through IT instruments and procedures for the following purposes:
a) Supply and management of the Service thereof, complying to these GENERAL CONDITIONS, and include, by way of non-limiting example, the gathering of personal details, the gathering and storing of images, illustration and contents of any type, the acquisition and processing the orders, the forwarding of notices on use, news and updated features of the Services, through traditional or electronic post, pursuant to article 13 Legislative Decree January 30th 2003 no 196.
b) forwarding of commercial information, marketing regarding products and services provided by Unicolor spa
The submission of your personal data for the purposes referred to in paragraph a) shall be required to furnish the required service, where your refusal will make it impossible for the writer of being able to provide the requested service. As regards, however, the purposes of point b) the nature of consent is voluntary, where a refusal would not affect the same service delivery. In this case, the granting of consent to treatment may be given or denied by the user during registration for the Service, or (at any time) by changing the setting in the "User Profile" section, accessible by typing in your username and password URL http://www.aurorabook.com.
Some data, for all the purposes specified above may be disclosed to third parties by Unicolor spa, charged with activities directly related to the provision and delivery of services as well, your consent, to other companies that offering goods and / or services, including on the Internet, for the purposes listed in point b), or with which Unicolor spa has signed commercial agreements or partnership aimed to encourage the dissemination and distribution of the Service or the offer of new services. These individuals will be appointed by us as external managers of data processing. Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 gives the user the ability to exercise certain rights, including those obtained by spa Unicolor the existence or otherwise of their personal data and their providing in an intelligible form of have knowledge of data and also the logic and purposes upon which the treatment, to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, as well as updating, rectification or if there is interest, integration of data and to oppose the treatment, for legitimate reasons, or oppose, any time, the treatments for the marketing and commercial. To enforce these rights, you may apply directly to Unicolor or sending an e-mail privacy@aurorabook.com. g) The data controller is Unicolor Spa, via Fiumicino 3, 33082 Azzano Decimo (PN), Italy. Pursuant to and in Article 23 of Legislative Decree No 30 January 2003. 196, by accepting these TERMS Unicolor you authorize to collect, communicate and transfer of personal data to subjects, the extent and for the purposes of point a) indicated in this statement. For permission to consent for other purposes referred to in b) refer to this form of consent in the registration procedure.

Upon completion of the registration procedure to the Service, the User is assigned with a reserved password whereof the User himself is the sole and exclusive responsible, also in relation to the activities performed through the use thereof. The User, therefore, undertakes to:
a) notify immediately Unicolor of any unauthorised use of his password, his account as well as any other violation of the security rules he may become acquainted;
b) log out from his account at the end of each session.
Unicolor shall not in any way be held responsible for eventual damages arising from the default of this article 5.
The User is aware that, in order to govern the access to the Service, his authentication relies exclusively on the verification of ID and password used by the User thereof. The User is therefore responsible for the custody and the correct use of his ID and the password for the access to the Service, as well as for any harmful consequence or prejudice that Unicolor or third parties may suffer from the not correct use, loss, theft and/or impairment of confidentiality of the ID and password used by the User.
All the operations performed through the ID and password used by the User imply the automatic charging to the User thereof of the operations performed and the request made, without any exception. The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor may in any case produce, as evidence of the operations performed by the User and - more in general. of the relations of the User thereof, also means of evidence that may be derived by the systems and the IT procedures employed by Unicolor to govern the access to the Service.

The User acknowledges that all the information, photographs, images and any other material (hereinafter also "Contents") transmitted fall in the sole and exclusive responsibility of the persons wherefrom said Contents come. This means that the User, and not Unicolor, is the sole and exclusive responsible for whatever Content sent via e-mail or in the different way transmitted or diffused through the Service. Unicolor may in any way control the Contents transmitted or diffused through the Service and therefore it does not guarantee the legitimacy, truthfulness, correctness and quality of the Contents thereof.

The User declares and guarantees to indemnify and hold harmless Unicolor as well as the subjects affiliated thereto and subsidiaries thereof, its representatives, employees , as well as any other partner thereof, from any compensatory obligation, including the reasonable legal costs, that may arise from the Contents transmitted or sent by the User, from the use of the Service by the User, the connection to the Service by the User, from a breach of the rules governing the use thereof, from a violation of third party rights.

The User undertakes to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, framing, resell and in any case not to exploit for commercial purposes the Service or any part thereof, as well as the use or the access to the Service

The User acknowledges that Unicolor shall be entitled to set general rules and limits regarding the use of the Service, including, by way of a non-limiting example, the maximum amount of the order, the maximum dimension thereof, as well as the number of times (and the maximum duration of each of them) which the User is entitled to access the service in a given period of time.
The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor shall not in any way be held responsible for the cancellation of the wrong memorization of any message, communication or contents kept or transmitted through the Service.
The User acknowledges that Unicolor shall be entitled to de-activate the accounts left inactive for a long period of time, provided that the term thereof shall not in any case be shorter than 4 months.

Unicolor reserves the right to modify or deactivate, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof), with or without notification to the User. The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor shall not in any way be held responsible towards the User himself or third parties for the modification, suspension or deactivation of the Service.

The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor may, at its own sole and exclusive discretion, de-activate the password and the account of the User or interrupt his use of the Service, as well as remove or refuse the diffusion of Content within the Service. By way of mere example, Unicolor may exercise the faculties thereof in the case which the User omits to use the Service or if Unicolor deems that the User has violated of behaved in a way that may result incompatible or contrary to the letter or the intent of the GENERAL CONDITIONS.
Unicolor reserves also the right, at its own sole and exclusive discretion and in any time, to interrupt and suspend the supply of the Service, even without prior notice. The User acknowledges and agrees that any suspension or interruption of the access to the Service as set forth in the present GENERAL CONDITIONS, shall be performed even without prior notice, and acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor may immediately deactivate or delete the account of the User and all the related information and files in his account and/or deny any further access to said files or Service. Furthermore, the User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor shall not in any way be held responsible towards the User or any other subject for the interruption of their access to the Service.

The Service may provide links to other sites or other web resources. The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor shall not in any way be held responsible for the operation of said sites or external resources.
Unicolor is not entitled to control and therefore shall not in any way responsible for the content or the advertising published on said sites or external resources for the products or the services offered or negotiated thereon.
The user acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor is not in any way responsible, directly or indirectly for possible damages suffered by the User in relation to the content of the linked sites or relating to the purchase of goods or services performed through said sites.

The user acknowledges and expressly declares that:
a) The use of the Service is made under his own and exclusive discretion. The Service is supplied as from time to time available in that moment, and therefore, Unicolor shall not take any responsibility with regards to the fruition and availability, punctuality, cancellation or delivery failure thereof. It is expressly excluded any warranty from Unicolor, explicit and/or implicit, including, by way of mere example, any warranty for the saleability nor the suitability for any purpose thereof.
b) Unicolor does not guarantee that the Service shall meet the needs of the User, that the Service shall be provided without interruption, timely, in a safe or free from errors way, the expectation of the User that the results coming from the use of the Service shall be true and reliable and that the quality of products, services, information or other material acquired or obtained through the Service may satisfy the needs of the User not that eventual errors in the Software are corrected.
c) Any Content, downloaded or otherwise obtained from or by means of the Service is obtained under the sole and exclusive discretion and exclusive risk of the User and the same User is the sole and exclusive responsible for any damage suffered by his computer or for the loss of data deriving from the downloading of said material or from the use of the Service.
d) No advice, opinion, counselling or information, written or verbal, supplied to the User by Unicolor or obtained from or through the Service, shall imply any warranty not expressly set forth by these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

The User acknowledges and agrees that Unicolor shall not in any case be held responsible for eventual damages, of any sort r nature, even related to loss of profits, of the commercial goodwill or of data (also in the case which Unicolor has been warned of the possible occurrence) arising from:
(i) a use or an improper use of the Service;
(ii) the procurement cost related to goods and/or services replacing goods and/or services acquired or obtained through the Service;
(iii) an unauthorised access or an alteration of the transmissions or of the data of the User;
(iv) declarations or behaviours of any other third party.
No provision of this agreement shall result in a limitation or exclusion of the liability of Unicolor in case of damages arising from misconduct or gross negligence.

Any communication between the parties shall be made in writing and may be forwarded both by electronic and ordinary post. Unicolor shall be entitled to issue communications regarding modifications to the present GENERAL CONDITIONS or other issues by entering in the Service general notices to the users or links thereto.

The AuroraBook logo is a trademark owned by Unicolor. The User undertakes not to use in any way the trademarks of Unicolor without the prior consent from Unicolor.
"AuroraBook" is a Community Trademark, registered and legally protected.

The present GENERAL CONDITIONS and the relationship between Unicolor and User are governed by the Laws of the Italian Republic. The Pordenone Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute regarding, arising or in any way connected to the present GENERAL CONDITIONS or the use of the Service.

The present GENERAL CONDITIONS represent the only and exclusive agreement between User and Unicolor and govern the use of the Service, superseding any eventual previous agreement stipulated by User and Unicolor. Furthermore, the User shall comply with the eventual GENERAL CONDITIONS regarding the use of services that are complementary or connected to third party contents or related to rules of use of third party software. The failure of Unicolor to exercise one of it rights provided by the Law or by these GENERAL CONDITIONS, does not represent in any case a waiver of the right thereof. In the case which one or more provision of the present GENERAL CONDITION is declared void by the Competent Judge, the Parties agree that the Judge shall in any case attempt to retain the effectiveness of the agreements between the parties, as defined herein and the other GENERAL CONDITIONS shall remain fully valid and effective for all the legal purposes.

General Sale Conditions

Waiver of liability clause

Unicolor S.p.A. shall not be held responsible towards the employer and/or if different beneficiary of the service for damages of any sort, both direct and indirect, originating from eventual errors, of any nature, in the print of the material sent by the client or arising from the reception of wrong material. Unicolor S.p.A. shall not be held responsible for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the failed and/or delayed delivery of the material, nor shall be held responsible for eventual damages of the packaging; in such cases it shall be exclusively obliged to provide a reprint only of the material provided that the client is accepted by the client "under reservation of fault" that shall be listed on the receipt issued by the courier and notified to Unicolor S.p.A. by fax, under penalty of loss of the right, on or before eight days from the reception of the package.

Jurisdiction and venue

The Parties agree that the Pordenone court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute regarding the interpretation and/or execution of this agreement, irrespective of the place of stipulation of the agreement, the domicile of the employer, the place or the method or payment.

Privacy for the surfers

Personal data processing information note for the surfers on the aurorabook site

Following the access to this site, data related to identified or apt to be identified persons may be processed. The data controller is Unicolor S.p.a, via Fiumicino 3, 33082 Azzano Decimo (PN), Italy.

The IT systems and the software procedures governing the operation of this web site acquire, during their ordinary operation, certain personal data the transmission thereof is implied by the use of the Internet communication protocols. The above are information that are not collected to be associated to specific persons, but that, due their own nature, may, through elaborations and associations with data detained by third parties, allow the identification of the users. This category of data includes the IP addresses or the domain names of the computers employed by the users who connect to the site, the addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method employed to forward the request to the server, the dimension of the reply file receive, the numerical code showing the status of the reply returned by the server (completed, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operative system and the IT environment of the user. These data are used with the sole purpose to obtain anonymous statistic information regarding the use of the site or to check the correct operation thereof and are deleted immediately after elaboration. The data may be employed to ascertain the liability in case of hypothetical IT crimes damaging the site: other than this eventuality, the web contact data survive for a limited time (amounting to around 365 days).

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses listed in this site, implies the following acquisition of the sender address, required to reply to the requests, as well as of the eventual other personal data included in the communication. The personal data supplied by the users submitting requests for registration or access to the reserved area are used for the sole purpose to perform the requested service or consideration and are disclosed to third parties only if required for such a purpose.

The site employs cookies for the transmission of information regarding the connection and the provenance: namely persistent cookies are employed for tracking as well as the Google Analytics Service for the statistic elaborations. It is in any case excluded the profiling of the User for purposes different from the navigation in the site. The employment of so-called session cookies (which are not stored in a persistent way within the computer of the User and vanish after the browser is closed) is tightly connected to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) required to allow a safe and efficient navigation of the site. The so-called session cookies employed in this site avoid the recourse to other IT techniques that may potentially compromise the navigation privacy of the users and do not allow the gathering of identification personal data of the User.

Further than what has been specified for the navigation data, the User is free to provide the personal data through mails and/or forms within the appropriate modules to receive information and/or the requested service. The failed supply thereof may entail the impossibility to receive what requested.

The personal data is processed with automated instruments for the period strictly required to achieve the purposes whereto the collection was aimed. Specific safety measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illegal or not correct uses and unauthorised accesses.

The subjects whereto the personal data are related have the right to receive in any moment the confirmation of the existence or less of the data thereof and to know the content and the origin, to verify the accuracy thereof or to ask the integration or update, or the amendment thereof (art. 7 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003). Pursuant to the same article the subject thereof has the right to ask the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data unlawfully processed, as well as to oppose in any case, for lawful reasons, to their processing. The requests shall be sent to the following e-mail address writing to the Data Controller.